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Ms. Dawn P's Biography

Birthday: April 26, 1974

Sign: Taurus...and yes stubborn as a Bull!

Height: 5'3"

Measurements: 66-49-66

Bra Size: 46L+ (this is the biggest bra I can find to actually try
on...but trust me, my cups runneth over)

Clothing size: anywhere from 22/24 to 26/28, 3x or 4x

Shoe size: 10

Hair: Red with blonde streak (I am a true redhead...does the carpet match
the drapes? Indeed...but I can't prove it...because I prefer tile to

Sexual Orientation: I kissed a Girl and I liked it!

Things I love: Makeup, Stuff for my hair, Movie night, scary movies,
Reading, sexy stories, decadent desserts, my puppy

Turn ons: Dirty talk, Spankings, Erotic stories, Swagger, Knowing you are
enjoying my site

These are a few of my favorite things!

Color: Red
Food: Italiano & Mexican
Drink: Pepsi, Crown and 7 and Iced Tea
Sports Teams: Buffalo Bills and the NY Yankees
Vacation Spot: I love Vegas and the Beach
Music: Top 40, Hip Hop and R&B (But I have been sampling some new things
and I actually like it)
Perfume: Christian Dior Pure Poison & Dior Addict
Flowers: Fire and Ice Roses

Anything else you want to know, email me dawn@msdawnp.com

My Wish List

I love to get fan mail and presents!

Email me to find out how to send me a gift!

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